Welcome to 1944 D-Day Operation Overlord.

1944 D-Day Operation Overlord is the simulation of an event. It does not strive to tell the story of one unit or one squad. Instead it endeavors to tell the story of the battle. The game at its core is driven by a highly adaptable AI system, this AI system controls over 250,000 units in real-time. Moving them all around the battlefield and adapting their orders, objectives and tasks to an every evolving battlefield.

As the player the game is in your control. You have the ability to choose from any unit in the battlefield, so you will always find something interesting to take part in. If you are a war nut, fan of tanks, planes, infantry or squad based combat, or just interested in large scale first person shooters. 1944 D-Day Operation Overlord will always have something distinct and interesting to offer you.

Some Important things to note about 1944 D-Day Operation Overlord:

  • Realistic Squad tactics based on actual military training guides.
  • 100% Authentic
    • With over 50 WW2 weapons
    • With over 200 vehicles, planes, tanks, boats and artillery
    • All of Normandy recreated from photos, maps and drawings
    • Realistic controls and accurate simulation.
  • Every Unit, Every Nation.
    • Germany
    • UK
    • US
    • Canada
    • Australia
    • New Zealand
    • And many more
  • Realistic AI controlling every aspect of the game.
    • The AI controls the emotions and feelings of every unit
    • Coordinates realistic tactics and movements
    • Manages over 250,000 units real-time.
  • Large open dynamic maps, that live and breath alongside the combat.
    • Animals that react to the combat
    • Grass and trees that flow with the wind
    • Buildings and terrain that take realistic damage
    • 24 Hour clock, watch the sun rise as the battles continue
  • Witness all areas of combat, from any number of perspectives.
    • Omaha Beach
    • Utah Beach
    • Sword Beach
    • Juno Beach
    • Gold Beach
    • Point Du Hoc
    • Bayeux region
    • Caen
    • Benouville
    • St Mere Eglise
    • Carentan
    • And many other areas full realised
  • Large Open Multiplayer and Co-Op system for 128+ players.

Please read our FAQ which was compiled by the team and fans for a complete list of game features.



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